Demon Knights update for 2020

DKFC, along with the majority of New England Clubs, would like to announce that we have officially joined the Sport UNE Football League for the 2020 Season. The announcement was made via a media release today that will become public over the next day or two.

Registrations will be open next week with registration fees as follows (active kids vouchers – $100- will be redeemable):

Juniors 5-10 Years – $100
Juniors 11-18 years – $120
Juniors Playing Seniors – $170
Seniors – $290
* Please note these may change slightly but is unlikely.

Please stay tuned for further details regarding the registration process.

There will be a public forum held on Wednesday 4th March from 6pm at the Armidale Bowling Club regarding changes to the competition for this year. We would like to invite all parents and friends (from all clubs) to discuss any queries they may have.

We appreciate everyone’s patience through this process and we look forward to seeing everyone on the field come May 2nd.