MEDIA RELEASE: New Committee for 2017

Demon Knights Football Club held their Annual General Meeting at the Wicklow Hotel on Wednesday 18th January 2017.  Outgoing President Gloria Burton thanked her fellow committee members and the club for their support during her tenure and wished the new committee all the best for the coming year.

Those in attendance voted in a new look committee with Mitchell Battersby stepping in to take on the role of President, whilst Morgan Quaife and Rick Whitley were named Vice Presidents.  “It’s an honour to be voted in as President of such a well supported club.  This club means a lot to me and we’ve got a great committee to take the club forward in 2017” said Battersby.

Attendance at the AGM was strong from the senior side of the club, though the incoming President expressed his disappointment at the lack of representatives from the Junior teams.  “With around 250 junior players in 2016 we should be heading towards 500 parents involved in the club, yet we don’t have a single representative at our AGM” Battersby remonstrated, “we are meeting again here at the Wicklow Hotel at 6pm on Wednesday 25th of January.  I encourage parents to come along and help us plan out the season, so we can make 2017 a great year for their children.”

The new committee is as follows,

Mitchell Battersby

Vice Presidents
Morgan Quaife & Rick Whitley

Amelia Brayley

James Thomson

Online Registrar
Luke Birmingham

Junior Coordinators
Mark Hamilton & Terry Daly

Sponsorship Team
Luke Birmingham & Liam Turley

Merchandise Team
Mark Hamilton & Terry Daly

Social Committee
Brock Whitley, Sam Constance, Geoff Donnan, Bentley Cropper, Reece Cropper & Michael Klepzig

ADFA & NIF Representatives
Mitchell Battersby & Morgan Quaife

The new committee will meet for the first time upstairs at the Wicklow Hotel at 6pm on Wednesday 25th of January to map out the upcoming season.  As they say, many hands make light work, given that the committee volunteer their time to run the club, some new faces would be a welcome sight.