MEDIA RELEASE: DKFC welcome back Gloria Burton as Club President

After a successful first year as President, Gloria Burton has signed on for a second term after being voted in unanimously by all in attendance at the DKFC AGM.  The AGM was held at 6pm on Monday 18th of January 2016 upstairs at the Wicklow Hotel with a solid number in attendance.

2016 DKFC Committee

President – Gloria Burton
Vice President – Jay Westfold
Secretary & Public Officer – Gloria Burton, Jay Westfold (David Farmer to support)
Treasurer – Danny Karsten
Trainee Treasurer – James Thomson
Online Registrar – Jay Westfold
Junior Coordinator – Michael Howlett
Sponsorship Team – Mitch Battersby & Chris Pennell
Merchandise Team – Mike Utterson and Mark Hamilton
Social Coordinator / Fundraising Team – Declan Humphreys / Ang Vine / Josh Quaife (TBC) / Mike Utterson.

NIPL Representatives – Evan Quaife, Jay Westfold
ADFA Representatives – Jay Westfold, Mark Hamilton, Gloria Burton

For more information about the committee, or if you are interested in helping out, please contact the club at